Escaping The Summer Crowds // Real Surfing Magazine

An article written for Cornwall’s infamous local surfing magazine. Well worth sitting down for an hour or two, after a surf with a cuppa in hand and read on as the madness ensues in this unique surf mag. Stoked to be featured alongside some local legends…

Excerpt: We are privileged creatures, fortunate enough to be living in this beautiful county we call Kernow. We are spoilt for choice with beaches to surf, coastal paths to wander, and pubs to toast a pint to that most special of sessions afterwards. I love it here, and most people I know dwelling in these Cornish towns love it too. From what I can tell, we all chose to live here for similar reasons; to live predominately outside, to be surrounded by these drastic landscapes that have become so familiar, so comforting. We live here enjoying nature as much as seemingly possible, and coincidentally living in a safe environment which has surf all year round makes it all the more addictive.

Magazine is available to buy at Karma SurfBoards in Newquay.