Releasing the babies

The best part of the turtle project was by far, releasing the baby turtles back into the ocean. About 83 Olive Ridley eggs hatched in the sanctuary (they had been taken from the beach just to be safe that no one would steal and eat the eggs, as apparently this happens quite a lot) and were kept in a large tank overnight, then released the next day at sunset.

The dogs joined us on the beach for the release of the bambinos

It was such a beautiful moment, I actually felt quite tearful when the turtles were released and eventually swept away. The Olive Ridley turtles took a little longer to reach the sea as they’re pretty slow/lazy, they like to take their time, compared to green turtles which have much more energy.

Alyssa and her Olive Ridley babies

Be careful out there lil’ duuuuuude

What a beauty!

 These may look like little pebbles, but they are really little Olive Ridleys on their journey out...