Mirissa Surf & Storms

We managed to get a few good surfs in in Mirissa but it didn't take long for it to get crowded on this short right-hander. When the line-up got too busy and the storm clouds started rolling in, I opted out and left Matty in there so I could take a few snaps.

The sky soon morphed into majestic hues of blues, purples and pinks as the lightening started to strike out to sea. The crackle of thunder echoed from the distance and the wind started to pick up.

We treated ourselves to a dinner of fresh fish and lion beers whilst watching the storm churn the rough sea towards the horizon. Mirissa's beach is filled with twinkling lights at nighttime which creates a perfect and incredibly romantic setting. The bars blast out music and the warm, Indian Ocean breeze soothes and relaxes as you feel the gentle waves reach under your table on the shore, cooling your feet.