Home Grown Strawberries

Seeing as my beautiful, succulent, beastly strawberries featured in a little preview in my previous blog post about yoga for surfing I thought I would give them a whole post just to themselves. This is purely because they are just too delicious (also pretty easy on the eye) to leave out and not give them any credit for being so damn tasty!

Matty built two large grow-beds when fixing up the garden last year. 

Our Strawberry section in the veg patch

We weren’t entirely sure what exactly we were going to put in them, or even how to grow anything. But, with a little (quite a lottle) bit of help from Hazel and her family, we set up a couple of a veg patches with everything possible growing in them. From the likes of richly aromatic herbs, such as Rosemary and Oregano to our very own carrots, onions, potatoes and courgettes! 

Of course, the best thing we’ve successfully grown (and saved from the slugs) are the strawberries! 

Everyone has been enjoying these juicy, organic strawbs which have been blossoming in the sweet Cornish sunshine in our lovely little garden. Plucking the beauties straight from the plant and popping them straight into our mouths is ideal! 

One sunny Sunday, Matty and I laid out the picnic blanket in the garden, chilled out in the sunshine listening to some sweet summery tunes whilst nursing a couple of heavy hangovers. We picked a few of our perfectly reddened strawbs, drowned them in copious amounts of double cream and savoured every mouthful of juicy deliciousness. 
From garden to plate in under 5 mins!

Close up...


I highly recommend growing your own strawberries if you’ve got the space!