Early Morning In St Ives

These photos were taken the morning after the St Ives Biathlon. We woke early, a little too early actually… 5:30am to be precise. All to escape a fine from camping in the car park overnight. Unsure where to go or where would even be open at this time in the morning we parked up at Porthminster and stumbled down to the beach. Feeling a little scraggly from the free pint of rattler given to all competitors who successfully completed the Biathlon the night before, we stumbled onto the beach for the sunrise.

The gulls were all silently gathering in the air, with a few floating on the water’s smooth surface. The only sound was of the gentle, minute waves lapping at the golden shore.

Despite the sun being barely visible through the rain clouds, it still seemed to be able to eminate an incredible early morning light, highlighting everything with blue and purple hues. This reflection on the golden white sand St Ives is so famous for, was so beautiful and so unexpected. 

We enjoyed the calming sounds, the light and soothing fresh air a little longer before our bellies began to grumble and the thought of some sort of hot, fresh pastry and cup of coffee became too much.

We made our way through town to try and find any sort of cafe that might be open at 6am. Unsurprisingly, we managed to find absolutely nothing so headed over to Porthmeor for a quick surf check before making tracks back to the van.

We made it back home by 8am, after a few hours killing time checking the surf up the north coast. By the time we arrived home we were knackered and aching after the Biathlon… and the drinks, the night before.

A hot cup of tea and back to bed as we nestled up under the duvet while the rain fell outside, gently tapping on the window. We spent the rest of the morning cuddling hot cups of tea, reading White Horses mag for a bit of surf and travel inspiration.
Emma x