Chilly Nips // New Year Dips

There's not much to say about this day... Apart from the fact that it was a particularly freezing New Year's Day.

We were all a tad hungover. I think we may have all lost the plot a little. The wind was the strongest, iciest wind that had ever blown on these Northern shores (probably not, but it bleddy felt like it!) 

So we 5 idiots (4 idiots actually; Hayley was wise and remained fully clothed behind the camera capturing these shots on film) thought it would be a great idea to change into our wetsuits, don the bellyboards, and waddle down the slipperiest of mud-soaked slopes to the beach and nearly drown ourselves on the coldest day of the year (admittedly it was the first day of the year...)

We trundled down to Crantock after a difficult wetsuit change in the car park with a serious mission in mind; to rid our hangovers by sheer force of mother nature and cleanse our groggy minds with an icy blast of ocean straight to the face!

We made it down to the shore after scrambling over jagged rock faces whilst ploughing our way through formidable gusts of Baltic wind. There was a decent size swell, but with no flippers and a strong offshore blowing we were happy enough splashing around in the white water, amusing ourselves like tiny toddlers.

It didn't take too long for us to tire; possibly from the events of the night before, possibly from the ice-cream-headache-inducing air/water temperatures; but most likely from a combination of the two! 

We rolled around in the shallows like a load of beached seals, posed for a few shots with our sweet new

Dick Pearce Bellyboards


It all got a bit much for Ems haha!

... and made tracks back to the car park to change into some seriously warm clothing and blast on the heating. Not before finding a crystal clear pool sheltered away from the wind to loll around in... 

After an icy dip in the pool, we clambered back up the rocks, meandered our way up the slippery mud slopes, changed as quickly as physically possible (with fingers completely numb and frozen stiff) out of our wetsuits and straight into the warmest, woolliest items we could find!

The dreaded chaos of the winter car park wetsuit change!

All changed and slowly regaining feeling in our fingers, toes and noses, we blasted the heating on and made tracks over to the closest/warmest bar for coffee, tea and eventually, of course; a New Year's Day pint!

I can't remember what exactly we did for the rest of that day, I think the pints may have flowed a tad too easy, but regardless, I certainly won't be forgetting that New Year's Day morning swim anytime soon! I still shiver when I think about it, but it was the perfect way to bring in the New Year with beautiful people, scenery and all the laughs! I think we started the year as we meant to go on; to embrace whatever mother nature throws at you and enjoy it all you can. Preferably with the people who make you happy and who love to share adventures like these with you! 



All photos were taken by the incredibly talented photographer that is Hayley Green. For more info and all sorts of inspo visit her Instagram


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