Late Spring Evenings

The bank holiday weekend just gone, treated us to a couple of days of sunshine and swell, after an arduous month of a millpond ocean.

I mean, it wasn't all bad, what with crystal clear, calm waters to spend our spare moments swimming around in the cold water whilst warming up in the sweet Cornish sunshine. It really makes you want to stay outside and remain on the beach as long as possible.

However much I LOVE the calm ocean surface, after a few days, it does start to feel like there really is just a little something missing when there's not even the faintest of ripples in sight.

That's why we were all slightly (ridiculously) overjoyed when we saw the swell arriving on the forecast for the weekend. 

I think the month long wait, finally paid off...

We were treated to small 2ft clean conditions in the morning, which increased throughout the day until it really kicked in in the evening. The offshore winds picked up and the waves grew to a solid 4-5ft. Seeing as we hadn't had a good swell for a while, the whole of Newquay decided to show up, but that didn't stop the waves delivering the goods...

 And there were plenty to go round anyway.

After my surf, I changed back up at the car and decided to take a few snaps. I couldn't get over the stunning shades of green and blue this beautiful Spring evening was delivering. 

I couldn't put my camera down, as every set brought more stunning waves to capture. With arms like noodles, I'd already caught my fair share of dreamy rides, so the only thing left was to capture these beauties from higher ground.

This shot is a particular favourite of mine...

The offshore winds continued to deliver the most picture perfect waves I'd seen for a while and kept me glued to the spot.

I walked the coastline, unable to take my eyes off the ocean... only drawing away from the beauty of it all to take a snap of Meli enjoying the view as well.

We walked along until the sun began to set, the tide grew higher and the chill of the Spring evening drew in.

We stayed to watch the sun set over the horizon. Only once the sun had completely set, did we decide a trip to the local was completely necessary, for some good and proper post-surf nourishment.

Spring, I love you. Summer, I'm ready for you.