Long Weekends On The Cornish Coast // Part I // Kynance Cove

The long Easter weekend and May Bank Holiday weekend have provided me with more than the normal two days to get out the office and go explore more of the Cornish coast I don't normally get out to visit...

Living in Newquay I can get a little lazy at times and I'll admit I've become guilty of not venturing further afield than a 10 minute drive from my house, because, well I don't really have to! Living just on the outskirts of Newquay (far enough away from the main town but close enough to all the beaches) I have countless surf breaks on my doorstep, endless expanses of golden beaches to run along and all the shops, cafes and bars just a short trip from my house. So it's fairly easy to get stuck in this place.

However, as the Easter weekend loomed ever closer, the roads became increasingly busy and the beaches were suddenly heaving with holiday-makers which caught us all a little off-guard after a long, quiet and incredibly peaceful winter on our Cornish shores. I knew I couldn't handle a whole weekend of stag and hen do's and crazy traffic that would ensue; so I decided on a camping trip, far away as possible from the Newquay madness whilst managing to stay in Cornwall. So off to the south coast I went for the perfect rugged, wild escape.

With the van packed up, braced for a weekend of all-weather conditions with crisp surfs, cold water swims and long coastal walks. I left Newquay on the Thursday evening after work and arrived at Kynance Cove ready to set up camp in the van for the night with no one else around us. It was a world away from the crowds of Newquay and I welcomed the change with only the wind whistling over the cliffs and the grey, rain filled clouds looming overhead.

We took Meli for a walk allowing her to explore and experience her first taste of Kynance; with all its apparent delicious smells (for a dog's nose). We followed the coast path until Kynance Cove came into view, but with the tide being too high to pass the beach to the other side, we decided to find a seat on a smooth enough rock to enjoy the tranquility and rich turquoise waters lapping on the shore. 

We gazed on as a cormorant dived into the darkening turquoise waters, leaving barely a ripple as it glided deep beneath the surface. We watched it dive, resurface, dive deeper and resurface again all around the cove, in an attempt to discover a tasty fish supper. We sat there until the wind picked up and the drizzle began to seep under our clothes, so much so, that the shelter of the van called to us.

We stood with numb bums from the (as it turned out) not so smooth rock, ascending the coastal route back to the dry, cosy van. We cooked up a feast of massaman curry; filling the van with the rich, delicious smell of spices simmering in coconut milk. With music playing, fairy lights twinkling and red wine warming our bodies, I felt increasingly pleased with the plan to escape the North coast for the weekend. 

We fell asleep in the warmth and shelter of the van with bellies full to the brim with curry. Our minds calm and relaxed from the fresh ocean air, soon to be ready for a day of coastal adventures to follow in the morning...