Morwenstow // Cream Teas // Coastal Wanderings

Last October, I made a trip further up the North coast in search of new coastal walks and a change of scenery from my usual North coastal suspects.

Photo courtesy of 

Henry Simmons

It always surprises me how starkly different the landscapes can change, with just a short drive round the coast. Where I live, the beaches are laden with soft, golden sand, crumbling cliffs and rich, green fields. Only half an hour up the coast on the way towards Bude, the coastal landscapes change; the beaches are no longer golden sand, but grey shingle and pebbles.The water is darker with a murkiness I don't usually associate with the clear Cornish waters I regularly swim and surf in.

There was more of an abundance of colour on these paths, which felt quite different to the Cornwall I know and walk around so freely and so often. Further up this way, there seems to be a different, more rugged beauty to the coast and it feels so much older, more weathered and beaten.

It was a bright blue sky day, still warm in the October sunshine and a slight northerly blowing. I couldn't get enough of the views and fresh air as we walked along the winding coastal route, finally stumbling upon this old, lookout shelter.

I walked along a ridge rolling towards the sea soaking it all up; the sunshine, the gentle breeze, the sound of the surf rolling in over the rocks below. I found a rock at the end of the trail, just about comfortable enough to sit on for a while, and sat there enjoying the peace and tranquility of the place, until my cheeks were numb and goosebumps started to prickle on my arms.

We made tracks back to the cafe we had parked up outside of, already knowing full well what we were going to eat... a proper Cornish cream tea. One of the best I've had; colossal scones, all sorts of flavours of delicious jams and the richest clotted cream. Meli couldn't take her eyes off it, so I had to share a little bit with her. Needless to say, she loved it!

This turned out to be an unexpected BEAUT of a day. I loved every second of it, and topped off by a cheeky little stop off at Crackington Haven for a pint in the pub as we watched the swell roll in some sizable closeouts. What better way to spend a day when the surf is lacking but the Cornish sunshine still beaming...