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Kudhva creates a whole new perception of sensation, of what is real. It urges you to re-think what truly matters by drawing us back to basics. Surrounding yourself with the natural world. Wild strawberries grow amongst untouched undergrowth. Delicate rays of sunshine drift through tall swaying grass as fingers grasp their soft bud tips. Pollen floats freely through the air in the gentle onshore summer breeze, bringing with it a slight salt taste. These untrodden paths are a sanctuary for the bees, the insects, the natural flora and fauna. Lush green ferns light up secret tracks leading the way under a densely wooded forest canopy.

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This place, it strips you of those learnt materialistic tendencies. It urges you to return, return to the basics, return to those instinctive inclinations to walk barefoot in the stream, cup hands together and pour fresh water over your face. Refresh. Return. Renew. Follow the free flowing waterway coursing under a rustic log cabin. Hear it thrive as it dances, following the path of the land through the soft star filled night. The water feeds and nourishes everything it touches.

I wake to the sound of the flow of the stream under the cabin. No cars, no traffic. Only water. I wake with a thirst to touch it, to feel its cold crispness against my skin. The body’s natural alarm clock. Morning rays stray through oak leaves of the canopy above. My dog, with excitable paws and a thirsty tongue joins at my side sipping cold fresh liquid, relieving the night’s thirst. I cup my hands once again to fill and throw water over my face. The cold tightening sleepy skin, dilating tired eyes. Blue mind settling in.

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We boil coffee over the fire, gazing into the embers which crackle as the heat of the day begins to rise. It’s still here, this summer’s heat I crave for so much in the cold, dark dawn of winter. There’s not a breath of wind today, only blue cloudless skies. Such a rarity, yet every single one of these feelings seems so rare these days. Appreciating the minutiae. Those moments we ordinarily overlook and forget. This place urges us to remember that which we take for granted all too often.

The sensation of cold as it pricks tired skin calls me to immerse my body and submerge it completely. Following the stream downhill treading through mud-slicked fern lined paths as wild flowers light the way. A short stroll from the log cabin lays a waterfall where the stream spills over steep, tall moss laden granite walls. Forever falling into the depths of the quarry where nature has reclaimed its rightful grasp. Branches breech into water where tadpoles thrive in a mud pie shoreline with a rich emerald canopy layer towering over dizzying quarry walls. Vines snake round, weaving their way down to the water. It’s a dense jungle full of life. The sensation of freedom and solitude graces me once again.

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Kudhva is more than just a place to stay for a night or two. It’s a place that has the power to transform even the most uptight of us into a calmer, less anxious version of ourselves. It urges you to walk barefoot, release your shoulders from behind your ears and breathe away the fog enveloping your mind. It’s a place to meditate and laugh at what once stressed you before entering.

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This is a place for carefree conversations, for deep meaningful moments, for evenings sitting round a fire with friendly new faces, gazing into burning embers as a musician plucks the strings of the Kora rendering you speechless. This is the place to hang your head back and laugh contentedly with a star filled night sky above. Quiet corners come alive. Deserted mines illuminated in the moonlight. Egos dissolve. Souls absorb. Creativity and nature blossom. Stories and narratives loom, ideas crafted, new friendships flourish.

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It’s minimal, it’s basic, it’s exactly what we all need a taste of every so often, perhaps every day. Cast out the superfluous, live only with the necessary and delve into nature as much as you possibly can.

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“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.”

John Muir

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All images are stills taken from the film “Kudhva” by Director Nic Kane and DOP Sean Delahay.

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