Walk Barefoot, Walk Free


Never coming back, never coming home. I always feel as though I leave a part of myself behind whenever the time to leave comes round. Minute by minute, I fall in love with it a little more. Trust your gut, follow your instincts, they don’t lie to you. You know you belong right here. There’s nowhere else to be, don’t think about what there is to do, what should be done, what hasn’t been, what isn’t there. Enjoy these moments, let them last and linger, let not the sensation of freedom disappear.


Warm morning rays and a delicate breeze slowly bring with it the heat of the day. Coffee boiling on the hob mingles with the scent of wild, natural eucalyptus, lavender and citrus from the orange groves below. Olive branches sway in the gentle onshore, the faint taste of sea salt in the atmosphere. Feel it, taste it, let it cover you, let it take you. Dip your toes in the blue marble world and dance in the reflection of the sunrise. Bathe in the coolness of the water, let it revive you, awaken your tired body.

Tiny Whale-81.jpg

Sometimes all we need is to pack up our bags with the essentials. Bring only what you need. A toothbrush, journal, pen and allow the thoughts to flow. Pack light, feel free. Trust in the process and try not linger on the negatives. Pick yourself up and don’t overthink it. Don’t worry about what hasn’t come, what’s yet to happen. Travel somewhere you've never been, or somewhere you love. That place you know feels good in your soul which feeds your body, fuels your mind. That place you know will change you, realign those wandering thoughts and calm those fidgeting fingers.


Go rogue, be feral, be free, walk barefoot and sense the ground beneath you. Pacha mama. Earth divine. Feel the pinch, the sting, the coarseness of the rubble below as it bores into your skin making you stumble in your step. It aches and burns but allow your feet to harden as they experience these new lands. Release your body and mind from your comfort zone and be wild. Release the tension in your shoulders. Breathe deep, breathe slow, savour the moment.

Tiny Whale-2.jpg

With each new visit to this country I discover something new every time. New bright, friendly faces, loving characters, secret spots round each headland, hundred feet cliff drops, crumbling sandstone beach descents. All of this urging me to stay, just a little while longer. What is it with this country, this region I love so much. It consumes me, changes me, marks me. Even the swell has its powers, so much heavier than what I’m used to, it calls to me and pulls my whole body under. Pushing me, forcing me to go deeper, take off later, relax and listen to it, follow its flow.

Once you’ve experienced it, once you’ve tasted it, it’s hard to go anywhere else, to want anything else. It’s hard to leave. Remember those unique moments when the sun drenched and the sea soaked you. When the sun dried your saltwater skin and marked your bare shoulders with its salty kiss. Peel back the orange rind and devour the juice, pulp and all.


This is for the girl, the boy, the woman, the man who never stops seeking. Never stops trying, never stops travelling. The one who doesn’t want to be confined by what they do or where they are. Take a trip and devour every little nook of this place. Leave not a mark, but let it mark you.

I’m never coming back, I’m already home.