September Surf

September is by far my favourite month of the year in Cornwall, not just because it’s my birthday month but because this is when we usually have our last little treat of summer weather and this year hasn’t disappointed. We’ve been blessed with temperatures soaring into the twenties, sunshine shining on throughout the day, and even though the sun has been setting that little bit earlier every night, the sunsets we’ve been graced with have all but made up for it!

September has also treated us to some ridiculous swell, which doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. This was just last week at Watergate, I’ve never seen Watergate look as good as it did!

Just yesterday morning, I woke to the crispness of the first day of autumn. It was beautiful, Matty and I set off early, eager for a surf before everyone else awoke. Hardly any other cars were on the road, I wound the windows down to listen to the mooing of the cows with their calves. The light morning mist started to rise from the dewy grass in the fields. We drove with the windows down, breathing in the crisp, fresh morning air, whilst snuggling into my thick, woolly jumper. 

Suited up we headed into the water, only to find no one else was out, the forecast was small but as we got closer to the shore, the waves seemed to have picked up. We spent that early morning surfing together, just the two of us, with the sun rising over the valleys behind.

September Sunset Sessions