Party Waves

After our photo-surf session we felt we really needed to get a few shots of our next surf doing its thing in the sunshine. We wanted shots to show Cornwall does get beautiful, fun days of waves in the sunshine, to prove we’re not always surfing in the mizzle and drizzle of Cornwall’s mighty rainclouds! 
Courtesy of Clare James Photography.
It is a very rare occurrence that all housemates manage to have a day off together, so the best decision was to go straight for a surf! We made tracks for the beach with our wetsuits, zinc, boards... and of course pooch in tow!

Meli. Courtesy of Clare James Photography.
First things first, we had to take Meli for a run around on the beach for her to play with some fellow furry friends and get rid of some of her boundless energy.
Meli & Me. Courtesy of Clare James Photography.

I think this above photo ABSOLUTELY made my morning! We stumbled across a random little puppy chilling in a frisbee. It was waiting for its owners to come back and pick it up and it made my heart completely melt! Very dangerous leaving a puppy alone when there's crazed dog lovers like myself walking round on the beaches!

Anyway, after a walk of the pooch and a check of the surf, we decided against heading in there and made tracks further along the coast.

Courtesy of CJP.
After parking and suiting up amidst the madness and mayhem of Cornwall in the summer; we made it down to the shore to be greeted by cruisey, albeit a tad small, but nevertheless FUN little rides. We joined Henry and a few buddies in the water for a leisurely longboard session. This time the perfect blue skies and sunshine stayed out for us whilst we attempted to use the camera on a beautiful summer's day. 
Clare & Henry
Clare and Felix
Clare and I took turns in taking the shots, testing out which areas has the best vantage points. It was fun taking shots of everyone, but both of us undoubtedly preferred being the one surfing rather than the one stuck behind the lens! 

Despite this we both managed to take some shots of everyone lapping up the waves on a beauty of a summer’s day. It wasn’t long before neither of us could handle it anymore; resulting in a quick ditching of the camera with the lifeguards so we could surf freely to our heart's content!


Clare on a glassy wall

Later that day when we were home and sorting through the photos, we realised the camera had steamed up yet again during our surf. This was despite various methods tried and tested to stop this from happening again.

We still managed to get some cool shots of the day but it was a bit of a pain in the ass to not get the clear images we were wanting... So any tips on stopping underwater housing from fogging up would be greatly appreciated! 

Cheers then!

Emma x