Birthday BBQ

This weekend the fog finally lifted and the sunshine finally graced the shores of Cornwall for a scorcher of a weekend, and how did we celebrate? With the only way we know how to celebrate the sun returning to us... with a BBQ of course!

On the Friday we headed down to the stunning south coast, to the quaint village of Boswinger where we all sat round on benches, munched on some delicious grub and cracked open the G&Ts, the beers and chatted the night away...

Once everyone's bellies were filled we headed down to the beach for a beast of a bonfire where we all stayed close to keep warm. Turn out May nights really aren't summer nights at all. The sky was clear and the stars came out. We sat round the bonfire, getting more and more merry as the fire crackled on and passed the bottle of rum round until everyone's cheeks were rosy and warm. Unfortunately, there's a lack of photos of that night, due to said G&Ts, Beers, and Rum! But it was a great night nonetheless. 

The next morning, we woke on the South coast to a view overlooking the lush green fields and the clm blue waters in the distance. We soon dived into the kitchen for a fresh brew to revive our foggy heads and headed out for a morning walk in the sunshine to breath in some fresh country air.

Due to our slightly over foggy heads, Matty and I left a little earlier than the others and headed back home for a few more hours of sleep before joining our housemates on the beach at Porth, Newquay for a cheeky little birthday BBQ number 2, this time for Sam! What else is there to do when there's no surf and the sun is out eh? Eat, drink, sleep, repeat! 

We cycled down with food, and dog in tow and made it down to the golden sands of Porth for a lovely early evening feast.

Clare and I finished the evening with a cheeky little sea swim without wetsuits for a quick blast of cold water as we'd been missing being in the water so much due to complete lack of surf! 

After a few minutes of splashing around and diving under, the cold began to take its grip, especially on my fingers and toes which quickly lost their feeling. We ran back to the others in an attempt to warm ourselves up, and to quickly get our clothes back on before the wind picked up and numbed our bodies completely. 

Matty, Hazel and Sam looked as if we were mad, which they were probably right to do, but nevertheless, we felt pretty damn happy with ourselves despite feeling the cold so much. We soon packed up, hopped on our bikes and rushed back for a hot shower.